• Paris Photographer Price

  • Price by hour of photography coverage include
  • icône photos 50 high-resolution edited digital photo by hours of coverage to choose among all photos
  • photos camera 1 - 2 locations per hour
  • photos camera 15 minutes of planning by email or video call extra planning time charges at 25€ per 15 minutes
  • photos numériques Digital jpeg photos download via online gallery link in 5 business days hours
  • galerie photo Private Online Gallery during 1 month
  • 250€ 1rst hour
  • 130€ following and consecutive hours
  • Transport with taxi between differents locations in Paris during photoshoot stay to customers charge.

How to book your photoshoot in Paris in 3 steps

1. Request Your Date, Your Time of Day, Duration and Place in Paris

Now that you know my photographer price, to book your shoot in Paris, please send me by email the following infos to check my avaibility, I will reply within 24-48 hours.

  1. Photo Shoot date, number of hours of photography and time of day : sunset (good for avoiding crowds ) ? sunrise ? midday ?
  2. Google street maps of you photoshoot meeting and itinerary choose among the best Photos pots in Paris.
  3. For a surprise proposal photo shoots type of proposal scenarios to meeting secretly your photographer in Paris.
  4. Do you want one photographer ? or one videographer ? or both 1 videographer and 1 photographer ?

2. Book Your Shoot in Paris

To book and reserve your photo shoot in Paris I ask payment of 30€ deposit on paypal ( transaction fees stay at your charge around 5% for paypal ).The rest of payement is due on the shooting day. To edit a photography contract I need the informations above to send by whatsapp text message or email :

  1. Last name and first name of clients
  2. billing mailing address
  3. the email of the person who will receive the contract
  4. the phone number of a second person on site
  5. name of the hotel you stay in Paris
  6. day of arrival in Paris and day of leaving
  7. what are your specials meetings before or after the shooting to anticipate your scheduled priority ( cruiseboat, eiffel tower visit , restaurant .. ) ?

3. Photo Shoot Day

  1. Send me on whatsapp one picture of your couple with your shooting closes 1 hour before photo shooting to recognize you among people in Paris. I will do the same.
  2. To get the photographies that you want from your photo shoot in Paris, send me on whatsapp some shooting pictures inspiration you like on internet with specials photos pose. Practice posing in the mirror and select outfits who introduce yourself and match with your partner style.

4. Receive Your Photos

  1. My photographer package include 50 edited pictures to choose among all pictures I have taken from your shoot. Within 24 hours I will send you an email with link to your private online gallery to choose your best photos to edit. Once your have selected yours favorites pictures, I will send you a second gallery within five business days to download your edited photos. I can send 4-6 pics of the proposal moment that night/next morning if you want. Your digital photos Gallery is available 1 month to download editied photos in high resolution without watermarks (jpeg format) and share with your friends and family.
  2. I won't share yours photos online without asking permission first. All photos you see on my website are from customers who have told me in writing that I can share their photos online to show to my next customers.

I'm Valerie Marini, french photographer in Paris

I am Valerie Marini, photographer in Paris France since 2013. I photograph proposal, wedding, honey moon photoshoot in the best locations in Paris such as Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro, Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Bridge Alexandre III. In my below video interview I give details about my shooting photo package, and what's services are including in my price. I studied photography at the movie School Factory in Lyon, France.

What Time of Day to Take Photos in Paris among the Best Photos Spots in Paris

To book a photo shoot time of day for sunrise or sunset, search on google " time of sunset on day:month in Paris ". Goldens hour are the best romantic lights for photo shooting. To know how long it get dark after the sunset, or before sunrise, search civil twilight. After Golden hours you have blue hours then civil twilight, then night. The blue hour is a phenomenon that occurs immediately before sunrise and immediately after sunset. The blue hour is best known for dramatic scenes in photography.

Paris best photos spots shine differently according to the East West exposure of monuments and the shadow of city building and up hills. Discover what time of day your should be in the right Paris best photos spot. Eiffel Tower is East, Louvre and Alexander 3 bridge are West exposure. Basically you should stand on a photo spot at the oppposit exposure of the sun to have the golden hours in the sky as your background with the monument. At sunrise, go to a photo shoot spot on the West side of Paris and at sunset go to a photo shoot location on East side of Paris. Cloudy rainy days cover the light of sun, sky is white.

The best lights to take outdoor pictures is sunrise and sunset under sunny days. The light right after the rain when the sun breaks through the clouds and the wet streets reflect the color of the city. The night light when Eiffel Tower sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour, after the sunset.

photo tour eiffel couple

Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

Best Light sunrise Sunrise
No Crowd Before 8 am
Rain Avoid no arcade or shelter
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point red point named Jardins du Trocadero Parc public avec sculptures et fontaine on google maps

Sunrise on Trocadero garden is behind Eiffel Tower for a beautiful golden light photo shoot. The Trocadéro gardens are the most spectacular photo spot for its view of the Eiffel Tower. The golden light of daybreak illuminates the Eiffel Tower and gives a glamorous side to your photos. At night, at fixed times, the Eiffel Tower sparkles and attracts tourists ... Metro Line 9, Trocadéro stop. RER C Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel.

photoshoot spotphotoshoot spot 2 Photos Shoot Spots in 1 hour as Eiffel Tower + Pont Alexandre III possible with Taxi and no traffic jam.

port debilly eiffel tower paris proposal

Eiffel Tower from Port Debilly under Iena Bridge

Best Light sunrise Sunrise and before afternoon
No Crowd All day
Rain Avoid, photos under the bridge have no background
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting pointWhen your are facing the Eiffel tower, right angle between Iena Bridge and avenue de New York. Take the stairs, turn right and walk 50 metres to go on the best spot on Port Debilly

East exposure. On a sunny day, when the sun start to fall, near sunset time the light is not good because banks of the Seine make shadow on you faces but illuminate the Eiffel Tower. The big exposure contrast will require flash but the sunshine won't be on you. This photo shoot spot is good because you are very near of Eiffel Tower and crowd day and night are weak. Metro Line 9, Trocadéro stop. RER C Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel.

photoshoot spotphotoshoot spot 2 Photos Shoot Spots in 1 hour as Eiffel Tower + Pont Alexandre III possible with Taxi and no traffic jam.

Photos and Routes
photo tour eiffel couple

Eiffel Tower from Champs de Mars

Best Light sunset Sunset
No Crowd Before 8 am
Rain Avoid no arcade or shelter
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point angle avenue Anatole France and Place Jacques Rueffon google maps

Sunset on Champs de Mars is behind Eiffel Tower. As sunset time is full of crowd, you couldn't avoid the crowds during your photoshoot. At night, at fixed times, the Eiffel Tower sparkles and attracts tourists ... Metro Line 10, La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle stop. RER C Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel.

photoshoot spotphotoshoot spot 2 Photos Shoot Spots in 1 hour as Eiffel Tower + Pont Alexandre III possible with Taxi and no traffic jam.

Photos and Routes

bir-hakeim bridge and effeil tower wedding couple

3 - Bir-Hakeim Bridge and Eiffel Tower

Best Light sunset Sunrise
No Crowd Before 8 am
Rain Bir-hakeim bridge is a good place for a photo shoot under the rain because pictures under bridge are nice and with Eiffel Tower view.
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point Red point on google maps in the middle of Bir-Hakeim bridge

Land on Pont Bir-hakeim, the most cinematographic Parisian bridge in Paris with a remarkable view of the Eiffel Tower. This is the 2nd most coveted photo spot in Paris. Plan your pariss photo shoot at the first hour of the day. Sunrise lights up the Eiffel Tower for beautiful golden photos. You can diversify your viewing angles with photos under the metal walkway and its row of Art Deco lights. A photo under the Arc du Pont Passy and the walk on Île aux Cyngnes.

photoshoot spotphotoshoot spot 2 Photos Shoot Spots in 1 hour as Eiffel Tower + Pont Alexandre III possible with Taxi and no traffic jam.

Photos and Routes
couple bride alexandre III Paris

4 - Pont Alexandre III and Eiffel Tower

Best Light sunset Sunset
No Crowd All Day under the Bridge on quays of Seine, before 8 am on the bridge
Rain Avoid photoshoot under the bridge don't have nice background
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point Red point on google maps in the middle of Bir-Hakeim bridge

Monday to shoot in front of Petit Palais' golden doors. The Pont Alexandre III is very photogenic with a view of the Invalides on the Paris 8th side and the Grand and Petit Palais on the Paris 7th side as well as the Eiffel Tower from afar. It is very busy but at the quai de Seine, under the bridge, on the port of the Champs-Elysées, you can do a Paris photo shoot without passengers at any time of the day and night! For photos in front of the golden gate of the little palace, Monday is the day the doors are closed and therefore visible on your photos. Metro line 1 Station Invalides.

photoshoot spotphotoshoot spot 2 Photos Shoot Spots in 1 hour as Eiffel Tower + Pont Alexandre III possible with Taxi and no traffic jam.

Photos and Routes
photography of the Sacré-Coeur and Montmartre in Paris

8 - Sacré-Coeur and Montmartre Photoshoot

Best Light sunset Sunrise
No Crowd before 8 am
Rain Avoid
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point Red point on google maps rue du cardinal dubois, at the foot of the stairs of the Sacré-Coeur basilica

Montmartre is a village perched in the hills of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Your Paris photo shoot with a Parisian photographer will be full of charm with the Sacré-Coeur basilica as a background. Paris 18th arrondissement photo report.

pictogram camera Plan a 1 hour photo shoot

Paris couple photo shoot in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris

Louvre Museum, Pyramid and Tuileries Gardens

Best Light sunset Sunset
No Crowd All Day at the terrain du Bord de l'Eau. Before 8 am for a photo shoot in front of Pyramid
Rain Good outdoor photo location in Paris for rainy day under Arc de Triomphe
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point outside in front of Pyramid du Louvre on the side of ticket buying on google maps

Discover the former palace of the kings of France, the domain of the Louvre. The Carrousel and Tuileries gardens, the glass and metal pyramid of the Cour Napoléon. These historic and walking places will enhance your photos.

pictogram camera Plan a 1 hour photo shoot

Photos and Routes
photo shoot paris royal palace

Royal Palace and columns of Buren

Best Light sunset Sunset
No Crowd Before 8 am for a photo shoot in front of Pyramid
Rain Good outdoor photo location in Paris for rainy day under arcades
Meeting Point with Photographer meeting point In front of Café Le Neymours on google maps

Places to stroll in the heart of Paris, opposite the Louvre, the Palais-Royal estate with its Buren columns is a monumental backdrop for your photo shoot.

pictogram camera Plan a 1 hour photo shoot

See photos

image arc de triomphe paris

6 - Arc de Triomphe Photoshoot

A Paris photo shoot on foot or in a convertible car in front of the triumphal arch for a monumental memory of Paris.

pictogram camera Best hours for the Paris photo shoot: before 8 am | Plan a 1 hour photo shoot

photo of the groom in paris on the island saint louis and notre dame

9 - Ile Saint-Louis and Notre Dame Photoshoot

Immerse yourself in the heart of Paris with a pariss photo shoot on the Pont des Arts, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Île Saint-Louis. Allotted by the architect Louis le Vau for the wealthy Nicolas Lambert in 1660. It is a place with a unique style prized by photographers for your Paris photo shoot.

pictogram camera Best hours for the Paris photo shoot: 7 am in Summer | 8am in Winter | Plan a 1 hour photo shoot

photo à paris près du jardin du luxembours et panthéon

10 - Jardin du Luxembourg and Pantheon Photoshoot

The Luxembourg Palace of Queen Marie de Medicis, widow of King Henry IV as the backdrop for your historic Paris photo shoot with your wedding photographer in Paris. Photo report in Paris 6th district.

pictogram camera Best hours for the Paris photo shoot: 7 am in Summer | 8am in Winter | Plan a 1 hour photo shoot

Frequently Ask Questions about shooting and Proposal

  1. What kind of photographs do you make during photoshoot ?
  2. For a proposal, the moment and engagement photoshoot.

  3. How many spots in Paris can I go in 1 hour of shooting photo ?
  4. On google maps you can see the distance between the differents photos spots. By taxi, you can target 10 minutes between Eiffel Tower and Bridge Alexander 3 withou traffic jam and 15 minutes between Eiffel Tower and louvre museum. 30 minutes photo shoot by spot is a minimum as we will walk a bit around the location to catch differents background and framing. So if you want 2 locations, 1 hour and half will be the good timing.

  5. if it unfortunately rains, where would you suggest us to go to nearby (or will the rain usually be small enough that we can simply stay there with an umbrella) ?
  6. In case of 30 minutes maximum of rain, we wait on spot that rain stop, the positif side is less people will be around and light on floor are nice after rain. I case of full raining day on weather forecast, the day before you can : postpone shooting if we have same availability choose indoor place or under arcades such as Palais Royal. I won’t refund the deposit has I can have customer requesting a shooting for indoor places and say no because I have an outdoor booking on that day. I suggest to you to take an umbrella, transparent color is the best. Photos will be rommantics and rain stand not that long in Paris. If rain doesn't stop, we will wait in a café or under a bridge and I will offer your extra time if it's need it to make nice pictures :).

  7. What if I need to reschedule or cancel ?
  8. The deposit paid at the signing of the contract is evidence of a firm and definitive commitment. No deposit refund if you want to cancelled shoots.

  9. What if I am running late ?
  10. Any delay for your photo shoot original start time it will be on your charge. If I am available after your original ending session time you can buy extra photography time.

  11. At what time in a day does Paris come with the softest and warmest light (preferably slightly orange) ?
  12. At sunset, the best spot among the most popular ones named is Louvre. Debilly Port is South exposure. Louvre is west.

  13. At what time do you think the lighting is best looking in the early evening ?
  14. Go on google and lauch the search by date day/months/years and sunset/sunrise and name the city of photos shooting. Than you will know the time of sunset/sunrise. Then ask on google for golden hours at sunset set.

  15. Are there other places that can capture the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, while having West exposure ? It doesn't have to be super close to Eiffel Tower, but the absence of crowds is still the most important.
  16. Champ de mars is west exposure so with view on sunset but its crowded and i can’t Garantee beautiful sunset on a day has weather could be clouded.

  17. What time does Port Debilly in Paris usually have the fewest people to avoid photobombing passers-by ?
  18. Do you think it’s a good idea that when we’re at Champ de Mars, we stay further away from the Tower so that there would be fewer people ?
  19. As you have special need, I think it will be a good idea if you can go by yourself one day before. If not maybe plan more time with me to find on spot the best place.

  20. Can I now reserve a shooting date with you, with the exact start time to be confirmed later depending on the sunset time on that day ?
  21. Sunset time are given with accuracy on google by launching this request : « sunset time in Paris on day/month/year ». For organisation purpose I need to know you time slot.

  22. I am looking to propose to my partner at Port Debilly in front of the Eiffel tower at sunrise on Friday, September 9th. I am looking to hire a photographer and a videographer and absolutely love the pictures you have posted. Please respond to my email at your earliest convenience. We can also message via Whatsapp or iMessage.
  23. How many hours of service do you need ? On what time slot ? For photoshooting, check package prices details and view my portfolio. For a videoshoot, check package prices details and view my portfolio. For photo and video you have to add both price if you want 2 people so one photographer ans one videographer. When all you questions and needs wrote on a page, let's schedule a quick FaceTime / WhatsApp call to meet face to face before reservation.

  24. Would you bring a 2nd person to do the video ?
  25. I'm a photographer and videographer so I will do the video part. I can also do photoshoot too, just after the video, we can do the remake of the scene, I will probably need 30 min more but you don't pay a second person. I can also ask a photographer that I know to come. What do you prefer ?

  26. Could we first go to a spot where I propose, and then move to another spot to take some fun photos ?
  27. Instead of having pictures taken discreetly, I can pretend that I was looking for a random tourist (you) to take pictures for us when we arrive there. Then I pretend to hand my phone to you, after which I go back to my girlfriend and propose to her, with her knowing you’re there. That way I think you can stay closer to us, therefore avoiding passers-by more easily.

  28. About finding the right spot on proposal day : How about we fix a place for us to meet "accidentally" at the scheduled time (e.g. Pl. Jacques Rueff, which is at the centre of Champ de Mars)? I can say to my parnter that I want to look for someone (you, the photographer) to take pictures for us, and then you kindly suggest a better spot and take us there ?
  29. Yes

  30. Sorry but just one more question about the grass areas in Champ de Mars - are they all currently being fenced off (or in the past few weeks), or are there some parts that are not ? Because if the grass areas are all shut, I might have to opt for another location near Champ de Mars for the photo session - I would really love to have a great view in the backdrop, but I'm not sure if taking pictures at the nearby boulevard will do the trick.
  31. I understand you want to make sure everything will go smoothly on this important day, but it wouldn't be fair if the organising part take up much more time than it should have. I think we can just improvise on the day and make the best out of it and move around to catch some good pictures even when conditions change.

Paris Photographer Price for wedding, couples and family

In 2022, for a 30 minutes paris photoshoot, the average price you can expect to pay the personal photographer is approximately €200. On average a one-hour wedding photoshoot will cost €300 and a two-hour photoshoot will cost €500. Paris photographer prices are 50% above the France national average. Similar average pricing applies to shoots in the following categories: couple, wedding, engagement, elopement, proposal, portrait, headshot. Hire a paris photographer for mini session is not the cheapest.

What is a fair price for a photographer in Paris ?

An experience photographer in Paris, with beautiful photos gallery and high standart services such as english spoken, available by message before shooting photos and photos gallery delivery has a fairly price, on average, at 250€ by hour for short session. A hour of shooting photos with a tourist will take minimum 2 hours of organisation before because he will have more questions regarding the meeting location, timing of shooting, and feel confident with the photographer. A fair price for a photographer in Paris include post production time which represent 1 hour of editing for 1 hour of shooting. So at the end, 1 hour of shooting required at lesat 4 hours of work. On the low end price, beginner photographer will charge 200€ by hour and high-end prices range above 300€ by hour of photgraphy.

Paris photographer prices by photoshoot duration

Paris Photographer Price = Paris photographer hourly rate X number of hours of photoshoot + travel costs + options.

My professional photographer cost is calculated from the time of my arrival on location, until my departure time. The travel time between 2 places and cost is charge to customers.

As a freelancer photographer in Paris, I offer an hourly rate, the photo book and delivery of photos on USB key is optional. My hourly rate includes a prior telephone meeting to prepare the report, selection and processing of 50 photos per hour, access to photos via a private gallery.

Prices of a Paris couple photoshoot, Paris photo tour, engagement photos, wedding photo, portraits photography will be based on the same hourly rate, with same features.

Compare the cost of hiring a photographer to others cities then Paris, France.

The average price of a photographer in France varies between 400 to 3000 euros for an 8 hour presence. The hourly rate of a photographer is between the gross hourly minimum wage of €10.48 to €300 per hour in 2022. The average price of a photographer is 1190 euros for an 8-hour presence including the presence of a single photographer and the retouching of 200 to 350 digital photos, excluding photo album printing.

Couple photos, family photos, portraits of your guests, for an 8-hour photo coverage the photographer will have time to tell the best moments in the history of your celebration.

Comparison of different feature for finding a photographer in Paris, France.

The lowest-cost package includes a limited number of digital downloads that you choose from all the photos taken.

The estimate of a Paris photographer will be relative to his experience, his professional network, the quality of the service, the quality of his photos, the number of hours of presence, the hours spent in photo editing, the date of the photoshoot and features in package.

Prices for other types of photographers in Paris, France

Price for a photoshoot captured by Paris photographers booked by studios or platform are more expensive. Event agencies and photo studios hire freelancer photographers and pay them the cheapest price on the market. These photographers have their cameras and lenses, a car. They do not have to take care of the commercial part or customer relationship management. The profession of photographer requires artistic and commercial qualities. These beginner photographers or allergic to commercial relations find a compromise because they receive a lot of booking for photoshoot and only take care of photographies. 2/3 of photographers in Paris work through agencies that exhibit in all wedding fairs in France and have many clients, on several dates and in all cities of France.

How much cost a photographer in Paris for a long photo session ?

Paris photographer price may vary. The presence of a second photographer, especially when the number of guests exceeds 150. Options such as access to an online photo gallery, delivery of a series of black and white photos, a USB key, a box with photo prints, a personalized photo book or a large format photo album, aerial shots by drone, overtime at an increased rate after 1 a.m. and transport costs increase your photographer package.

Paris Photographer for hire Price TTC Included in the price
Paris Photographer Price 250€ 1rst hour of photography coverage. 130€ per each additional and consecutive hour of wedding coverage. Travel time during the photo shoot is counted as the photographer's presence time. 50 edited digital photos per hour of the photographer's presence during the photo shoot and delivered by download link.
Champagne + 2 flutes 200€ -
Musician 400€ -
Standart Landscape Photo Book 150 € the 1st photo book, 100 € the following ones. 25x20 cm, soft cover, 50 pages (about 100 photos), standard paper. Choice of photos by the bride and groom. Layout by the photographer. Validation with modifications by the bride and groom before printing 100 € additional.
Large Luxury Landscape Photo Book 250 € the 1st photo book, 160 € the following ones. 33 × 28 cm, printed hardcover, 50 pages (approx. 100 photos), pearl paper. Choice of photos by the bride and groom. Layout by the photographer. Validation with modifications by the bride and groom before printing 100 € additional.
24h photo kiosk rental 350 € 400 instant prints. Unlimited digital photos. Unlimited sending by e-mail. Free delivery and return. 24h rental.
Luxe Photo Prints Postcard format 10x15, € 1.5.
A4 size 20x30, € 8.
Poster size 50x70, € 40.
Price per unit print and excluding shipping costs
The USB Key 50 € 32GB. Shipping costs included in France.
Black and White Photos 250 € All Photos retouched in B and W
Drone 250 € Aerial shots.