Paris Proposal Photographer and Package

paris proposal eiffel tower sunrise
Paris Proposal at the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero gardens at sunrise in november.

euro Find how much does it cost to hire a photographer for a proposal in my Paris proposal photographer package and pricing.

sunrise Choose the best Time of Day according to light, crowd and the proper spot under your requirement.

location Select your Best Paris Proposal Spots for your surprise proposal photo shoots.

Choose among Scenarios to meet your proposal photographer to capture spontaneous reactions of your partner.

When you arrive at the meeting point of your marriage proposal, I will already be placed so as to have the best photo angle. Thus, I will ask you to move up to my level, and to stand 2 meters in front of the camera, right in my field of vision and in profile in order to have your 2 faces. If you turn your back to the camera I might not see your faces. If you don't stand in front of me, you might won't have the best view of the monument in the background. Before making your marriage proposal, look at me to check that no one is between us and that I am ready to photograph you. I can also pretend to be a tourist on the street who you would ask to take a selfie with your smartphone.

phoneMy Paris proposal photo package include 30 minutes video call or email exchanges to book and plan your proposal photoshoot. We google maps with street view your itinerary and meeting point for proposal. We confirm plan proposal ideas to let me secrelty take photos of your knees on the ground, an engagement ring in your hand and the emotion of joy of your fiancée saying " Yes I Do ".

My proposal photo session include posed and natural engagement photos with portraits, close-ups of the ring... Within 48 hours, I will send you a link by email to your private online photo gallery so that you can share it with your entourage and download your digital photos in HD.

Get inspire by Proposal Ideas with extra services.

Paris engagement ring
Paris proposal Eiffel Tower, at the Trocadero gardens, at sunrise in May
Paris marriage proposal Eiffel Tower sunrise
Paris proposal Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur of Montmartre, rue du cardinal dubois, at 9 a.m. in July
Paris marriage proposal Eiffel Tower sunrise
Paris proposal Eiffel Tower, quai de Debilly, at 2 p.m. in January

paris proposal montmartre
Marriage proposal Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur of Montmartre Paris, rue du cardinal dubois, at 9 a.m. in July
paris marriage proposal Eiffel Tower
Marriage proposal Eiffel Tower Paris, quai de Debilly, at 2 p.m. in January
Paris marriage proposal Eiffel Tower sunrise
Marriage proposal Eiffel Tower Paris, at the Trocadero gardens, at sunrise in May

Who I am ? Valerie Marini, surprise marriage proposal photographer in Paris

Experienced proposal photographer in Paris, I secretely photograph the memory of your declaration of love. As a proposal photographer in Paris, I make sure to capture your once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal moment. So if you are currently planning to pop the question to your girlfriend, I will take care of the perfect secret wedding proposal photo-shoots, during which your bride-to-be will spell out the three celebrated letters “Y-E-S”.

1. Discover your Paris proposal photographer price

Most surprise proposals photography session are 60-minute shoot. For your proposal photographer Paris it’s the perfect amount of time to capture your photography proposal memories, engagement photography with a variety of backdrops in one location. Pricing starts at 60-minute shoot.

What is a photography proposal ? After the photographs of the marriage proposal and the portraits showing the spontaneous reactions, I ask the couple to redo the request in order to vary the angles of view. Then to create romantic photos, which symbolizes their love, I ask the couple to look into each other's eyes, to hug each other, to kiss, to put their heads together. To give dynamism and joy to my photo shoots I put the couple in motion. I make the couple move by asking them to move, to run, to throw themselves into each other's arms, to jump as high as possible. These stagings aim to create strong interactions, natural and dynamic poses. I take a few photo poses seated, one next to the other. I alternate by placing them in front of each in turn. I ask them to stand aside, to mix their legs. The idea is to create proximity by varying the rendering of your images.

2. Book a date with your proposal photographer Paris

1. What day would you like to book your proposal photographer in Paris ?
2. What time of day would you like to have your proposal photographer in Paris ?

I'd recommend to start as early as possible in order to have the location free of tourist crowds. Best light are sunrise and sunset.

Do you have any time restrictions your surprise proposal photographer needs to know about ?

e.g. You are requesting a morning proposal photos shoot but you have a hairdresser appointement before or you are requesting an afternoon shoot but need to be finished by 5pm. This will help me, as your proposal photographer in Paris, confirm my availability and hold your spot.

If your requested date is not available, are there any alternate dates that might work ?

  • Select Date...
  • Select Time of Day ...

  • 3. Choose the Best Paris Proposal Spots

    Where to propose in Paris France ?

    You can make your once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal at the Trocadero square or the Champ-de-Mars gardens with the Eiffel as a backdrop. The Louvre museum, the Sacré-Coeur Basilica of MontMartre, the Pont de Bir Hakeim, or the Pont Alexandre III are among the best Paris proposal spots.

    I provide google maps to help couples to find the best Paris proposal Spots.

    Known for the romantic vibes that the city exudes, Paris is undeniably the most swoon-worthy place to make your surprise proposal. Also, the sweetest and most thoughtful surprise to your significant-other will be having your engagement proposal secretly photographed. Likewise, your sweet memories of this day will be saved in your wedding albums or wedding photo books.

    A visit to The Colonnes de Buren is a must during a romantic getaway in Paris. Plus, it offers a perfect setting to get a proposal. As stated before, Paris has countless incredibly romantic spots, like the Seine River. By the way, it is referred to as an “astonishing avenue of France”. Apart from that, your paris engagement photographer can advise you about how to propose in the sumptuous hotels and restaurants rooftops such as the Ritz Paris, the Crillon, or Rosewood Hotel.

    Scenarios to meet your proposal photographer to capture spontaneous reactions of your partner

    1. When you arrive on spot, you pretend that you want to take a photo with your parnter with your smartphone and therefore look for someone (proposal photographer ) to take pictures for you - after which I take you to the exact spot with the best view where you will propose.

    2. The proposal photographer in Paris hides at a distance from you. It's my favorite approach to proposal photoshoot.

    • Complete surprise
    • Need to stand both of you from your profile side in front of the camera with the nice backgroud behind you
    • Wait that nobody is between you and the photographer

    3. Book a vacation photoshoot as a cover and then pop the proposal partway through

    • Prepared for photos
    • Less spontaneaous
    • Complete surprise
    • The proposal photographer in Paris is in position and you are posing !

    Choose your preferred style of Paris proposal photos

    During the photo session, I take pictures of venues, going to propose moments, feeling of getting engaged, portraits, gesture, couples poses, ring and engagement photo session for your future save date cart ! Tell me what kind of photographies you want :

    • Mostly natural, unposed, spontaneous moments
    • Mostly posed, looking at the camera
    • Mix of both posed and natural shots
    • Couples venue
    • ...

    What level of direction would you like from the proposal photographer Paris ?

    • No direction - comfortable in front of the proposal photographer in Paris camera and happy with a completely photo-journalistic approach
    • Directed - most comfortable if the proposal photographer in Paris offered lots of help and direction throughout the shoot
    • A balanced Mix - spontaneaous, in-the-moment shots combined with helpful prompts and direction from the phottographer for ideas and natural poses

    Proposal Ideas with extra services

  • Flowers and rose petal
  • Champagne and 2 flutes
  • Decoration Letters " Marry Me "
  • Musician

  • With my experiences as proposal photographer in Paris, I saw my customers planned differents original marriage proposal, such as :

  • Paris proposal idea on a private boat like Green River services offered to make your surprise proposal on the Sein river, in front of Eiffel Tower at sunset or sparkles time ! And at the same way, cross all the beautiful bridges in Paris
  • Paris proposal idea on a ride of Paris in horse Calege like Paris Calèches to make your surprise proposal as Cinderella, in front of Eiffel Tower
  • original proposal on a hotel or restaurant rooftop decorated with candles and rose petals with the famous proposal champagne
  • getting married with an interesting proposal to recreate the first-date
  • to get down on one knee with a simple proposal on Valentine’s day at some fabulous places in Paris, where the proposal photographer takes beautiful engagement photos of the fiance nervously waiting for her to say yes
  • popping the question during creative proposal ideas like a treasure-hunt or scavenger-hunt
  • asking her hand in marriage with a diamond ring by doing an epic proposal flash-mob
  • avoiding the cliché proposals, proposing instead on a hot air balloon or a carriage ride, on a helicopter tour in Paris
  • As a freelance photographer and videographer in Paris, I work with professionals to offer an surprise marriage proposal package with violinist, flowers and rose petal, champagne with flutes, decoration letters " Marry Me ", centrillon horse carriage ... Check availability and proposal photographer Paris pricing.

    Paris Proposal Louvre Video

    Marriage proposal cameraman in Paris, I filmed my client's surprise marriage proposal at the Louvre, in front of the Pyramid. From organizing your marriage proposal, to "Yes, I do" in front of the engagement ring.

    Paris Proposal Eiffel Tower Video

    I filmed this surprise marriage proposal video in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background from the Trocadéro gardens. The client had planned a violinist, a bouquet of red roses, candles, balloons, and a giant “Will you marry me?” sign in the middle of the crowd.

    Why should you hire a secret proposal photographer Paris ?

    Surprise proposal photographer in Paris, the city of love

    Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its architecture and especially its romantic vibe. That’s why this city gives exalting effects to both the paris proposal photographer and the newly engaged couple. More and more lovebirds want to be photographed in this famous city of love every year: from the perfect wedding proposal to the unique wedding ceremony, whether at the foot of the Eiffel-Tower, on the Trocadero square, or a private cruise on the Seine river.

    Emotions with your partners during a engagement proposal in Paris

    A marriage proposal is one of the most important steps in a relationship. It is usually filled with emotions and a whirlwind of amazement, not only for the one who shows off the ring box but also for the bride-to-be. Those surprise marriage proposals are indeed the best rewarding experience for a paris proposal photographer because being a witness to such an intimate moment is an opportunity given to only a few people.

    The proposal photographer can be extremely helpful to the groom to plan a secret wedding proposal. Not only will I make sure that even the tiniest details of this meaningful event last forever, but also enhance the most romantic memories of this day.

    The decoration and every detail of the marriage proposal setting, that time when the fiancé asks her to marry him on bended-knee, the engagement ring… define the most spectacular memories in one’s lifetime. Fortunately, all of them will be captured by the proposal photographer in Paris to make your dream comes true.

    You can also share this magical moment with your loved-one by letting your friends-and-family into the secret. Like this, we will together start planning the setting, giving each of them a part to play, and even scripting a short story for this big day. The two of you will certainly relive this romantic scene through candid photography, photojournalism style, or cinematic storytelling proposal photography and videography with music playing in the background.

    Plan your surprise proposal with a professional photographer in Paris

    Surprise proposal photographer: a professional who will capture your picture-perfect moments

    If you want your proposal of marriage to be perfect, you can discuss all the details of your proposal ideas with an engagement photographer, especially during a romantic getaway in Paris. But before proposing, you should propose a plan to one of the best photographers in the photography business in the city. This way it’s easier for the best wedding photographer to give ideas and proposals and you will feel more at-ease with an expert’s advice. Afterward, you can choose which of the proposal stories suits you.

    Marriage proposal photographer : Prepare your surprise marriage proposal with an accomplice

    You can organize the meeting of the surprise marriage proposal with a friend, a relative of the future bride who will accompany her to you. I advise you to prepare the itinerary with the accompanying person in advance of the surprise marriage proposal. Time travel time so that it can text you 1 minute before your future bride is in front of you. If the accompanying person is not available to do the tour with you, do it alone by taking photos to send them to the accompanying person. Choose the same preparation time as the surprise marriage proposal to assess the crowd there, the background and the light.

    Write out your wedding photography proposal story with an engagement photographer in Paris

    Thanks to paparazzi-style photo shoots, your paris elopement photographer will be in a very secret spot so that he can capture that priceless and awkward reaction of your bride-to-be, or maybe mom-to-be when you’ll ask her to marry you. A romantic weekend getaway or a day out, as well as couple photography in public places, can all be pretexts for the surprise proposal photography in Paris.

    What is more, I ingeniously use the beauty of the natural light for the secret wedding proposal to be captured at any time; for instance, the softness and warmth of the daylight or the passionate atmosphere at sunset. Since Paris is known as the city of light, I can guide you to the most amazing and bright places to propose and capture beautiful engagement photos or just posing for a night-time engagement session, not forgetting the balloons to enhance this engagement photography.

    To make this wonderful event complete, I offer a proposal package which includes:

  • the pre-wedding photography (beautiful photos for your wedding save-the-date or invitations, the engagement photo booth)

  • A paris proposal photographer will guide you through the city

    Whether it is for a honeymoon, a first romantic trip, or a surprise marriage proposal in Paris, I will be able to accompany you through the city for your couple photo-shoot sessions, couple portraits, or couple photo studio, as well as family portraits. I can give you photography tips about the circuits and superb places to visit in Paris to create wonderful engagement pictures.

    Professional proposal and portrait photographer, I live and work in Paris for several years now. Additionally, I graduated from a renowned school, the Cinema School Factory in Lyon. I have specialized in wedding photography and couple photo-shoot sessions since 2013.

    I like spontaneity and capturing the groom to tell her “Will you marry me?” or the bride and groom getting engaged in their formal wedding attire, and then reproduce their personalities and touching moment, into colored or black-and-white wedding photos. Those years of experience, while photographing hundreds of couples that are displayed in my portfolio, allow me to make an award-winning surprise engagement proposal.

    When using my knowledge of the capital of France, I will make you enjoy the most breathtaking places as well as the most fabulous settings to shoot unforgettable proposal photography or videography. In addition to wedding proposals, I can also cover any photography and videography services in high definition, like wedding ceremony, bachelorette and bachelor party, wedding anniversary, family photos, and so many more.

    Eiffel Tower proposal
    Eiffel Tower proposal
    Eiffel Tower proposal
    Eiffel Tower proposal

    Book your wedding Proposal Photographer

    For your surprise marriage proposal, you should capture the moments filled with emotions and surprises that neither of you will ever forget.

    Book your wedding Proposal videographer

    You should make the memory of your wedding proposal a positive one. Hence, you can celebrate that special pre-wedding time by capturing a cinematic-style movie in the best settings selected by your videographer.