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Paris Wedding Photographer

Paris Wedding Photographer capturing the Feeling of Love for exceptional Couples around the Best romantics places in Paris with Eiffel Tower !

photoshoot paris Palais Royal

Elopement Photoshoot Paris

An elopement is designed to focus on the two of you and typically includes the couple, an officiant, and perhaps a witness. If you plan to travel in Paris your elopement in front of the Eiffel Tower, a Paris Photographer will be the storyteller of the magic of eloping!

Paris Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is a super intimate and special experience; this day is meant to be a celebration - You probably want a paris wedding photographer who you connect with and who is fun to be around !
photoshoot paris bridge Alexandre 3 Eiffel tower

Photographer Paris Engagement Session

A Engagement Session with a Paris photographer it’s about you and your partner, and celebrating your love in a way that reflects who you are as a couple in the most intimate, meaningful and simple way possible.

photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero
photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero
photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero
photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero

photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero
photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero
photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero
photoshoot paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero

Paris Wedding Photographer for your Eiffel Tower Photoshoot

You want beautiful portraits for your wedding, proposal, elopement, engagement photoshoot in Paris France capital ? I'm a Parisian Wedding photographer. My goal of professional wedding photographer is to capture images that convey the personnalities of the couple and feeling of romantic love in Paris in a way that will please the client. My wedding photographer mission is to make a beautiful shooting Wedding-day or your pre wedding in the most beautiful place in Paris, France such as Trocadero, Louvre museum, Tuileries Gardens, Arc de Triomphe, Cathedrale Notre Dame, Basilique Montmartre, Pont Alexandre 3, Palais Garnier ...

Paris Wedding Photographer Photoshoot Video Tutorial

Dear bride and groom, as I am a skilled eye Paris wedding photographer, I know Paris must-haves viewpoints and lighting for your elopement Paris, engagement photoshoot Paris, Paris pre wedding venue and Paris proposal in Paris. As a photographer Paris, I ask to the couple to do casual smile, standbys, to capture romantic, natural mood and find the personality of the couple. Capturing authentic and timeless photos of you couple with Eiffel Tower from Trocadero, Alexander III bridge and Bir-hakeim bridge with well-placed backlight and careful posing is my priority as a elegant Paris photographer.

Best Places for your Photoshoot in Paris Video Tutorial

What is the best time to capture pre-wedding photography in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower backgroung from Trocadero? One hour prior to sunrise to capture a few shots before the sun rises and then the beautiful sunrise. The backlight from the late afternoon sun added definition and pleasing illumination to the veil and the outline of the wedding gown.

Love story Photoshoot Paris with your Paris Wedding Photographer : Trocadero with the best view of Eiffel Tower

Why Bride and Groom will love the Photoshoot Paris Trocadero to make vows ?

As a Paris Wedding Photographer, there is no better place to have your photo with the Eiffel Tower. This is the most iconic location for any Paris Pre-Wedding photos.

Photoshoot Paris with your Paris Wedding Photographer : Pont Alexandre III, Paris

Your Paris Wedding Photographer will takes the best images of you couple with this Beaux-Arts style bridge, with its exuberant Art Nouveau lamps, cherubs, nymphs and winged horses at either end, was built between 1896 and 1900. It connects the Champs-Élysées quarter with those of the Invalides and Eiffel Tower. Sunset and twilight provide beautiful fine art wedding skies with an Eiffel Tower backdrop.

Photoshoot Paris with your Paris Wedding Photographer : Palais Garnier Paris Opera

A masterpiece of theatrical architecture from the 19th century, the Palais Garnier, built by Charles Garnier and inaugurated in 1875, is a historic monument open to visitors during the day. Its storefront is an idyllic setting for a wedding photo shoot.

Fine art wedding : Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Located in the heart of one of the highest concentrations of museums in Europe, the Shangri-La Hotel,5 stars Luxury palace in Paris offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine for a photoshoot with Paris wedding photographer.

Louvre museum, for photoshoot Paris

Best at sunrise, sunset, and at night because the Louvre Palace and Pyramid are lit. An obligatory photo shoot stop with your Paris Wedding Photographer on any pre-wedding visit to Paris. The building is a piece of history.

Cathédral Notre Dame, Paris for photoshoot Paris

Notre-Dame Cathedral has been at the centre of Paris for over 850 years. A historical landmark and a pillar of the Arts, it is a must-photography photoshoot location for any pre-wedding trip to Paris with Paris Wedding Photographer. From the Seine river with Notre-Dame as the background, the view is fantastic especially into evening when Notre Dame is illuminated.

Tuileries Gardens, photoshoot Paris

In the late afternoon the light filters through the garden towards the Louvre buildings making a great backdrop to your photoshoot in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe, photoshoot Paris

After the 284 steps and 12€ entry fees, you Paris Wedding Photographer will get a panoramic view over the city and beautiful sunset overlooking the Champs-Elysees to the east, the Eiffel Tower to the southeast, and Sacre-Coeur on top of Montmartre to the northeast to take your photoshoot.

Bir Hakeim Bridge, photoshoot Paris

Light is nice in the afternoon. There is a large view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River plus the leading lines created by the colonnades are aesthetic for your Paris Wedding Photographer.

Capturing Pont des Arts, photoshoot Paris

The Pont des Arts is located between the Institut de France and the Louvre museum. Built in 1804, it is the capital's first iron bridge. The footbridge is reserved for pedestrians. The views of the Seine and its monuments are ideal for cinematic pre-wedding photo shoot.

Top 10 Paris Destination Fine art Wedding and Venues

  • Four Seasons Hôtel George V Paris
  • Shangri-La Hôtel, Paris
  • Le Meurice, Paris
  • The Westin Paris Vendôme
  • Hôtel Mandarin Oriental Paris
  • Hôtel Peninsula Paris
  • Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Paris
  • Hôtel The Peninsula Paris
  • Le Pré Catelan Lenôtre
  • Les Pavillons de Bercy

  • Paris most beautiful places for your Wedding-day

  • Pavillon Gabriel
  • Hôtel Le Marois France Amériques
  • Maison des Polytechniciens
  • Pavillon d'Armenonville
  • Bateaux Parisiens
  • Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

  • Photoshoot Paris : how to pose ?

    The true photojournalist is waiting for the moment but time goes fast and there is tips to produce a better picture. I move to find the best camera angle and when I find the best composition I ask the couples to standby.

    Photoshoot Paris pose for bride and groom

  • Pose with your body. Turn your body, hip and shoulder slightly away from the photographer to look thiner. For the groom we want broader shoulder so he has to face the photographer.
  • Pose with arms. Move your arm away from your body. Make a angle with your arm in order to look thiner. Put your hand on your hip, in a pocket for the groom or hold your fingers together lightly. Then you’ll appear relaxed and happy.
  • Pose with your back. Stand straight, pride and confident as a ballerina and roll the shoulders back.
  • Pose with your hand. Play with your hands. Put one hand in your pocket, or on your hip, or take your chin on your hand. Hold on to something like bridal bouquet or your partner. Brides, you can use your hands to touch your face or hair or your ring . Groom, you can put a hand in your pocket or hold onto your jacket with one hand.
  • Pose with waist. Lean forward from the waist
  • Pose with your face. Smile :). Tilt the head towards the camera and lifts the chin to avoid double chins.
  • Pose with your closes. Wear close which fit your, enhances your shape and play with it.

  • The wedding day is known as one of the best days of a newlywed, during which capturing every special and happy memory is all-important. That’s why the wedding photographer in Paris with the videographer by his side has to frame the highlights and the best instants of the wedding day.

    When you hire your wedding photographer in Paris, you should punctiliously find a Paris wedding photographer with whom you will feel a real bond. Thanks to an exchange on mutual needs and expectation, your photographer will masterfully give an everlasting fame to your big day.

    Parisian wedding photographer Valerie Marini

    Through a trained eye of a professional, your Paris wedding photographer is concerned about the smallest details so that he wouldn’t miss every sweet and pleasant memory of your elopement. Without a doubt, we cautiously capture the magical time, enhance your love, and skillfully combine natural light, framing and wedding party so that your passionate memories will remain forever.

    I am particularly fond of journalistic photographing to tell your wedding story in a realistic way and more strategically reviewed environment. As a professional Paris wedding photographer, I pay great attention to the newlyweds’ wishes. Like that you will feel more at-ease. After so many years of experience in wedding photography and videography, I make sure to give you a beautiful wedding day in images.

    Namely for the engagement pictures, the wedding planning including the wedding dress, the veil, the invitations, slideshow, the bride and groom-to-be getting ready part (hair and makeup), the civil marriage and the church wedding ceremonies, the couple photo sessions, an outdoor wedding, and even the unforgettable honeymoon. In a nutshell, everything that makes up wedding photo galleries.

    Whether it is a traditional wedding such as an Indian wedding or a vintage wedding, the elopement location, at a private place or at a prestigious luxury hotel in Paris, will be originally highlighted professionally by the best wedding photographers. We will certainly use our skills to guide and advise you in the best possible way to get professional wedding photography, but also about wedding vendors.

    Photographer in Paris : my latest wedding photoshoot

    Paris wedding photographer

    Professional Wedding photo shoot at the city hall of the 5th arrondissement of Paris

    The marvelous setting of the city hall of 5th arrondissement of Paris was as radiant as the smile that lighted up Jessie and Bernard’s faces. Those joyful and sweet moments were dearly treasured in images.

    Paris wedding photographer

    Paris wedding photographer : Photoshoot at the city hall of 15th arrondissement of Paris

    Romantic rides and appearance on a tandem at the city hall of 15th arrondissement of Paris, this is how Aria and Thibault were photographed before the ceremony. It was undeniably a wedding ceremony rich with emotions that celebrated true love.

    Paris wedding photographer

    Journalistic wedding photography at the city hall of Boulogne-Billancourt

    Lise and Bernard made their wedding vows official in an intimate vibe at the city hall of Boulogne-Billancourt. Due to the current situation, there were only a few guests. Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity to capture all of the sparkling memories.

    How to choose a Paris wedding photographer ?

    To be sure that you are making the right decision in your choice of the best wedding photographer, make sure to look carefully at the wedding photographer’s portfolios.

    As a documentary wedding photographer specialized and working in Paris and its surroundings, RaccordFilm is well-informed of the most amazing places and monuments there. We perfectly know the paths and the lovely districts with their city halls. Moreover, we covered a few weddings in the most sumptuous hotels and palaces of the capital.

    During our recent achievements, we have captured the emotions and special moments of some couples in the City Hall of Boulogne-Billancourt, the City Hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the City Hall of Versailles, the City Hall of Suresnes, the City Hall of 5th Paris, and the City Hall of 15th Paris or the City Hall of 16th Paris.

    What is more, Paris wedding photographer perfectly master the wedding photo shoots ideas such as holding hands, kissing, laid back, awesome elopement photo booth for instance at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or on the bridge Alexandre III, with the Hotel des Invalides as a backdrop, and so many more.

    For a wedding photography to be a success, your Paris wedding photographer should know your personality and reproduce it on the wedding pictures while using his style and skills.

    Nowadays, it becomes unusual to rely on only one wedding photo style. In other words, fully posing pictures or on the contrary a wedding photo album made up entirely of pictures taken on the spot. At Raccordfilm, not only the professional wedding photographer will certainly capture the spontaneous emotions, but also guide the shooting requiring stage play and wedding portraits.

    Behind his lens, the paris wedding photographer is a real artist who is painting a canvas which is often romantic. While the bride and groom is probably busy, the professional photographer will be on the lookout for the emotions, the smiles and tears, the moments of bonding, and even the details of a scene or environment that you can relive in images once the celebration is over; which is called a candid wedding photography.

    Before choosing your Paris wedding photographer, you shouldn’t forget that trust is essential in the wedding photography business. So, it is a good idea to go meet him in person. As stated before, you can check his achievements through the documentary wedding photography and videography. Then, you can discuss about your dreaming project. Like that, you will quickly notice his professionalism. You will also see if there is a certain affinity with your professional photographer.

    You should also keep in mind that your wedding photographer is the one who will write and tell the fairy tale you are about to live. Thus, you should consider him as your ally or accomplice. It could help him with his work by allowing him to blend completely into the background and take unobtrusive professional wedding photographs.

    In order to do so, you can state your exact needs because your vision of your perfect elopement depends on the angle from which the professional wedding photographer will view his shoots.

    With the intention of choosing the one of the top wedding photographers, you should ask yourself the right questions. Such as:

    • An amazing civil marriage photos at the city hall or a wedding ceremony at the chapel.
    • Event photography for an entire day: from the pre-wedding photography to the exchange of wedding vows, the bride-to-be in a gown or the bridal portraits at the boudoir like in the most famous magazines in the world, the bride groom first dance, the sweet bouquet keepsake, the bride walking down the aisle, the bridesmaids, family portraits and senior portraits, or later to the cake or the toast.
    • A Wedding couple photography in the capital, in some specific places in Paris, near those splendid historical and cultural monuments
    • A photo session for a bachelorette or bachelor party.
    • A surprise marriage proposal photo-shoot
    • Engagement photography
    photoshoot paris tuilerie garden

    Price and frequently asked questions to a Paris wedding photographer

    The service of a professional Paris wedding photographer is mainly based on his working time by adding other costs related to the project. A paris wedding photographer can offer a completely different wedding photography package or price from another.

    It depends actually on his reputation, experience and equipment. His service includes his physical presence, the artistic contribution that he provides, but also all the post processing, that is to say the editing.

    Wedding photography prices vary according to the hours of coverage. By charging the wedding photographer cost per hour, you should also include in your budget 180 € for a one-hour session to 1480 € for 14 hours session. We will also gladly make a personalized estimate of costs that corresponds to your needs for other options.

    Our collaboration starts with the payment upfront of 30%. Once the commitment is all settled, we must give the photographic service for the wedding date.

    The wedding photography services consist of the following options:

    • Travel expenses for the documentary wedding photography in the Hauts-de-Seine and in Paris ;
    • A simple colorimetric editing, including a series of black and white photos, and improved photo exposure and framing
    • A download link to save all the pictures in high-resolution images format
    • A private online gallery for the wedding photographs

    Apart from the basic wedding photography packages, these are some possible options that could need extra charges :

    • Travel for a photo-shoot outside Paris and Hauts-de-Seine
    • Advanced editing photo to create personalized effects (sepia or adding fine-art). Otherwise stated, a retouch with Photoshop to enhance the wonderful instant captured
    • Extra hours to pursue the photo shooting.
    • Providing photo numeric self-printing: printing the wedding photographs in HD and creating a wedding photo album
    • Providing pictures by post or on a USB key if the link is not enough
    • Providing a second Paris wedding photographer for a wedding guest more than 200.

    It is definitely possible to create a wedding photo book. However, it is based on the quality of the book chosen. They are available online in 3 different ranges:

    • cheap wedding albums
    • classic wedding album
    • and top range photo album

    During a documentary wedding photography, the wedding pictures are delivered in high resolution imagery within at most of 3 weeks, through a download link. As for the other formats (photo paper, medium format…), can be determined by the quantity and the finishing touch, as well as the delivery address.

    photoshoot paris tuilerie garden

    Book your Paris wedding photographer

    For your wedding pictures, a wedding photography package service will allow you to relive every precious memory of your big day.

    Book your Paris wedding Videographer

    A wedding videography to make sure you have a nice and exceptional souvenir of what will be your dreamy wedding ceremony.

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